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Music is a therapy, gives soothing to life music is belived to relieve tension and provide mental calm. We understand the importance of music in life and promote our students to practice music. Many of the students are well talented in this field and perform to a next level. We organize various competitions to extract out such glittering stars of our institute. We encourage students to participate in intracollege and inter college competitions. The students of our institute perform for various singing categories like solo singing, duet singing, group singing in all types like classical, Folk, Pop, Jazz etc.


The world is full of art and calloused. We see life color full because of the art. The power of impasting color to a texture and to create a texture in itself by limit less imagination of mind is altogether a big approach. We always have such type of talented students our college. College is always focused to organize such pointing competitions like Rangoli, Face Painting, T-Shirt Painting etc. The students take part in such competitions. Whenever such competitions are organized at university level students re encourage to participate at university level. Students of our institute perform really well in such fields’.



Acting considered to be bread and betel r to a major industry of India which we call as “Bollywood”. We have some part of acting inourseleves. But nurturing that hidden talent may be cause of caring & frame. Thinking in this way, we take our brilliant minds to the next level of theater drama by giving them open platform to perform in the field of competition wether intra college or inter college are periodically organized. Students are encouraged to participate in such events within or outside the college.

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Sports are known to improve physical ability, mental activity, concentration and thinking ability. Students at S.R. Institutions are always motivated to participate and perform in Sports activities. Weather the sports is a physical type or mental type.
Students participate in college and inter college competition. We have a sports rich facility at our institute with wide green open ground consisting of volleyball and Kho - Kho courts. Other than that cricket pitch etc. Boys and Girls common rooms have the facility for indoor games like class and carom etc. we have dedicated sports teachers who look after all these activities and tries to keep our students & physically fit. Students on the other hand are performing well in all types of competition weather intra college or inter college.


​GNM II Year students Psychiatric posting in Agra

World Mental Health Day

International Yoga Day

S.R. Paramedical Institute, Bareilly Organized the Lamp Lighting and Oath Taking Ceremony 2024

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